Take, Take, Take

It was only a little incident but it really made my blood boil…


I was sitting in our car, parked up at the local Asda (do you know where the name Asda comes from?  For those of you that don’t it’s simply a contraction of ASsociated DAiries.  I’ve got thousands of those… every one a gem) waiting for my best beloved who’d dived in for some essentials.


I was in the ordinary parking spaces but I could see off to my left the Parent and Child parking area.


As I was looking a car pulled up in a P and C space and out jumped a young couple, maybe in their late twenties, no child.  They locked their car and were off into the store.


Now, I know this is a minor incident and it shouldn’t have bothered me, but it really did.


Why did they do it?


There were plenty of ordinary spaces about, they were just a bit further away.  So was it because they couldn’t be bothered to walk an extra fifty yards (sorry, metres)?  If so, shame on them.  However, to be entirely fair, it might have been that they didn’t know they were in a Parent and Child space.


Unlikely, but possible.  If so, well, it was just an error.


Could it be that they knew they were in the wrong but just didn’t care?  The world owes them everything and they owe nothing to the world.


Of course, as soon as I let this incident get to me I started seeing little examples of thoughtlessness all around me.  The car parked up on the path blocking the way for a lady with her pram… the lady in the car was on the ‘phone and steadfastly refused to make eye contact or move.


The next time I came across the situation was in a work scenario, when an employee had been caught stealing stationery… trivial things like a ream of paper, a stapler, some cardboard covers.  I was asked to help the small business deal with the situation and when I talked with the guy he was genuinely (I think) surprised that he was in trouble.


‘I can’t see what the big issue is,’ he said.  ‘It’s just some paper…’


You see what I mean about thinking the business owes him a living rather than it being a fair exchange of value.


I’ve decided I’m going to take a stand and not let these little examples pass me by anymore.  If I see someone parking across a footpath… I’m jolly well going to tell them to move.


There, that’ll solve the world’s problems!

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  1. 30 July, 2012 at 15:46

    Renee, you have a best beloved. Does he know about your worst beloved?

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