Sometimes a feeling is enough

You when you get a feeling about someone, it often proves to be very true.

I’m working with a large corporate at the moment and I got one of those feelings, which makes things very difficult.

Okay, so let’s deal with the feeling first.  I was working with the board of a business that exports quite a lot of stuff around the world.  It doesn’t really rely on marketing but there is a Marketing Director.

The Chief Exec has a slightly strained relationship with Marketing Director because she can’t quite work out what he does… and he doesn’t seem to be able to tell her.  So, for example, she sent him an email asking him what he was working on.

She got an email back saying (in words to this effect) that he was hurt that she felt the need to ask him.

Alright, says the CEO, your feelings are noted, but what are you up to?

This time the email that came back said (in words to this effect) he was no longer hurt, but was now insulted, that she, the CEO didn’t trust him to do his job.

Bugger this (or words to that effect) for a game of soldiers, thought the Chief Exec and so she rang him.  The conversation was pretty brief and ran along the lines of, you better tell me what you’re doing or we’re having a serious falling out.

Enter Renee Mackay stage left.

I was listening in to a board meeting at which the CEO wasn’t present.  The Sales Director asked the Marketing Director what, from his extensive market research that he’d everyone he’d done, the customers were saying they thought of the company.

‘Ah, yes, oh, lots of things’ was the reply.

What things?

‘Well, too many to mention.’

Give us the highlights.

‘What?  Oh, yes.  Delighted to.  There all on my lap top in my office.  Do you want me to go and get it?

Yes please.

‘Oh.  Oh, right.  Of course.  I’ll get it at break time.’

To my certain knowledge the lap top was not fetched and the information was not shared.  Do you know why that was?  You’ve probably got the same feeling as me, haven’t you?

The work hadn’t been done.  The guy was insulted by the CEO because he wasn’t working on anything and he didn’t get the lap top because there were no results to share.  The problem is that these are just feelings and to do anything about it the CEO needs proof.

She was quite right to insist that the Marketing Director shared his work in progress.  Clearly he thought attack was the best form of defence… but not in this case.

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