Gary the Vegetarian Gecko

My son has a Gecko and he’s called it Gary.


There have been a few pets with… er… slightly utilitarian names.  The goldfish called Ed and tortoise called Kevin are my own personal favourites.


But Gary the Gecko is special.  My son has saved up birthday and Christmas money until he had enough to do it properly.  He’s bought a vivarium, the right sort of plants, proper flooring, day and night lights, food dishes and everything a Gecko needs to be really comfortable.


So, the scene was set for Gary to come home, which he did last week along with a good supply of Gecko jam (a special paste that Gary will eat made from fruit and… well, other stuff, I suppose.)


My son also came home with 50 grasshoppers in something that was called a grasshopper house.


Now these grasshoppers didn’t look exactly like you’d expect.  They were altogether more squat than the, let’s face it, rather graceful insects you have in your imagination right now.


Still, no great issue, my son is pragmatic enough to allow a tarantula and a giant millipede crawl over him, so there should be no problem with these grasshoppers… and Gary is supposed to be treated to 2 of them every day.


But, surprisingly there have been issues: my son, it seems, is squeamish when it comes to the grasshoppers… but it was when one made a break for freedom from Gary’s vivarium and Adam found it on his bed that they had to go.  Yes, the grasshoppers were released into the wild (all except the one that was found on the bed: that was released down the toilet.)


The upshot of all this is that Gary is now a vegetarian gecko.  I have to say he doesn’t seem too bothered by it.  The 2 grasshoppers which were released into the vivarium were still there, unharmed, 2 days later.


Still it’s strange to think that a boy who has a tarantula climb up his arm until it was 6 inches from his face was bothered by insects that were no more than a centimetre round.


Or is it?


I’ve relatively often thought I would enjoy a role at work only to find I absolutely hated it when I did it for the first time.  It’s not always easy to judge how someone is going to react when you change things about so a review mechanism and is vital; particularly if you rate the person involved and want to keep them.


So, Gary is the veggie Gecko, at least for the time being… perhaps we’ll find an alternative solution?

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