Enthusiasm is not universal

I was struck this morning (not literally, of course) by the difference between a couple of employees.

They were working for different employers but they were definitely employees. What I mean by that is they weren’t running their own businesses because we all know that the most enthusiastic people (mostly) are those who have the most to gain or lose.

No, these guys were working for someone else but it was their attitude to work that really struck me.

Number one guy worked for Greater Eastern Railways on the Stansted Express. I have to admit that it was 6.45am and it was pretty cold, but neither of these facts should excuse the way they fella grunted at me when I asked if it was going to be platform 3 for the next departure to Liverpool Street.

There was what can only be described as a scathing look followed by ‘yep’, before he turned away to deal with some other non existent passengers.

Guy number two was a different kettle of fish. Advance forward an hour and a bit to 8.15 in Nero’s next to Chancery Lane tube station. I was starving, having got up at the crack of sparrow’s and having nothing to eat or drink since then. The guy behind the counter actually listened to what I said and how I said it: ‘Latte, got to have latte.’

It was tongue in cheek but he picked up on it and responded: ‘early start?’ He said. ‘I bet you could do with a croissant, too’.

I hadn’t thought about it, but, do you know what? I did fancy an all butter croissant so I damn well treated myself to one. When I thought about it later I realised that it was only because the guy was enthusiastic he said what he said and I spent an extra couple of quid.

So, why was he so enthusiastic. I bet he wasn’t get paid any more than Stansted Express boy and I bet his job wasn’t any more interesting. No, I thinly here are a couple of things going on here. I think the guy had an innate sense of enthusiasm which he carried into his work and I also bet that Nero’s is happy to promote this sort of interaction with customers.

I bet his days go by quicker, too.

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