Embarrassing Moments

Hello all… Richard here, writing on behalf of Renee, who’s away for a bit.

I was travelling on Ryanair from Dublin to Edinburgh last week and, actually, it wasn’t too bad.

Of course, that might be because I got to the airport 2 hours early and had time for a couple of relaxing ciders before climbing aboard.

Boarding a Ryanair ‘plane is a bit like the Charge of the Light Brigade… into the valley of death rode the 600 and all that… and one has to find one’s own seat.  It’s just not BA is it?  Anyway, I was near the front of the queue so I was able to bagsy an aisle seat near the front for a quick getaway at the other end.

Of course, I was hoping and praying that no-one would take the centre seat, but the flight was full and almost at the last gasp a youngish couple came up the aisle.  The centre seat in my row and the one behind were free so they took those two seats, with the young lady sitting next to me.

(I know I was a bit rotten not giving up my seat so they could sit together but it had been a long week…)

Anyway, we took off and I assumed my usual position on Ryanair… asleep.  (See my other blog this week).

I was woken up 30 minutes later by an unexpected weight on my shoulder.  OMG, the young (and not unattractive) lady had fallen asleep and was resting her head on my shoulder.  Quite comfortable she was, too… it was just very awkward for me, especially with her 7 foot boyfriend 2 feet away from me.

What was I to do?

Do I put up with the situation knowing she’d wake up soon?  Move my shoulder slowly to dislodge her?  Wake her up with a start and tell to get off my shoulder?

I was reminded of the time at our wedding.  We were married in Scotland, which meant there were lots of men wearing kilts, me included.  Not being a true Scotsman, I was allowed not to go commando, but I assumed the Scottish blokes were… until, that is, I went to the loo.

Out of the next door cubicle came a true Scotsman with his kilt tucked in the back of his Father Christmas boxer shorts.  Oh, priceless!  But do I tell him?

I did and felt very altruistic about it.  So, deciding honesty and the direct approach was best, I brought my thoughts back to the current situation only to find the young lady had dribbled on me!

So, the direct approach to the fore I bravely shifted my weight and she duly opened her eyes, smiled at me and went back to sleep!

In HR the direct approach is always best.  You get the results you are looking for and you can make sure any ambiguity about what’s needed is cut out.

There… we got there in the end!

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