Creatures of Habit

Hello all – Richard here, standing in for Renee for this week’s blog only.

I was in Southampton Airport on Friday evening (until 10pm, as it happens) which I didn’t intend to be.

What I planned to do was fetch up at the airport, dump the hire car, get through security and straight onto the flight home.

What actually happened was that I fetched up, dumped the car, got through security and then stayed there because a pilot had trouble keeping an earlier flight on the runway – an incident which closed the airport for a couple of hours.

So, thinks I, I might was well get something delicious to eat. And, I have to say, for an airport eatery it wasn’t too bad. The fact I had to stand up to eat my cheese burger was no great hardship and it gave me the chance to do a bit of people watch whilst pretending to read my i-pad.

Pretty soon a middle aged couple caught my eye mostly because they were sitting 2 feet away from me.

Now, I think it’s a fair assumption to make that they were on their way for a high octane, fun filled weekend away somewhere (they were in their casuals so not returning from a business trip and they were clearly a couple) and so you might think they’d let their hair down and push the boat out a bit.

So, the fella returns from the bar with two orange juices and the proceeds to rummage in his bag for… their sandwiches. Wrapped in cling film, they were plain processed ham on wholemeal bread. Next came an apple each and then… a treat. Yes, they shared a Kit Kat. A four finger Kit Kat, no less.

After they finished their tea, out came the paper and they did the crossword. The thing was during the whole time, through tea and then the crossword they said not one word to each other. I’m not exaggerating either… not one word.

They simple took the pen off each other to fill in clues when they got them.

I got the sense that I was looking through a window into their lives.

Of course, I have no issue with this – how could I? I don’t know these people. However, it did occur to me that a different location, doing something different, going somewhere else should release something – some spark of something… after all that’s why we put people into different situations at work.

And, for the record, they got onto the same flight as me going up to Edinburgh, party capital of Europe.

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