Book launch

We went pot a book launch last week… our first ever.
The first thing to say is thanks very much to Enterprise Britain’s very own Tony Drury and very best of luck with the book. It was a great event, lots of fun and we got the chance to meet up with and put a face to the words of many of EB’s other bloggers.
I had a really good evening chatting with Colin Periss…
I have to say I didn’t really know what to expect… or rather I was expecting the wrong thing. I was expecting Tony to be sitting behind a table and us all in a line waiting to get to the front so he could sign a copy of Megan’s Game – his book.
But of course, that’s a book signing, not a launch. No, the launch consisted of a brilliant singer, followed by speeches and a request to promote the book at every opportunity, which I’ll be doing.
All this was well lubricated with, what seemed like gallons of champagne and about a ton of canapés! All very civilised.
The interesting thing is my husband is busy promoting his book, too, which is of the same genre as Tony’s. His marketing guy suggested that he should promote his book to business people who, in the airport, might pick up the latest ‘how to…’ book… Such as how to sell better, how to make a million pounds in two minutes or how to be a super cool business person in seconds.
Instead he thinks we could encourage them to buy a business book to learn something and to enjoy the fictional element of the story.
Tony has gone further – he has named this new genre of writing: City Fiction.
I think it’s worth a read.

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