Vince makes Mr. Angry wince

Mr. Angry is furious with Vince Cable, the Business Secretary.

Mr. Cable has, according to Mr. Angry, completely lost the plot. He is fighting proposed changes to the EU working time directive which are a result of several European legal judgements.

The new rules, which are due to be implemented in October 2012, state that workers, who are ill during their annual leave, will be legally entitled to additional time off. Mr. Cable feels that “it’s just some piece of nonsense coming from Brussels.”

Mrs. Angry has joined her husband in writing to the Business Secretary in no uncertain terms.

“Remember Mr. Angry when we were at Butlins last year. You were in bed for three days.”

“Yes Mrs. Angry. The doctor said it was acute alcoholism. That’s serious. I should get an increased benefits payment to compensate me.”

“Yes. Put that in the letter. Extra time off is no good to you as you have been unemployed for the last five years.”

As Mr. Angry posted their letter, and he and Mrs. Angry went to the pub. He turned to his wife and said “you know Mrs. Angry, this is typical of this Government. They simply don’t appreciate people like me and you who work so hard to keep the wheel turning.”

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