Sunday Sport sting engulfs Mr. Angry

Beneath a breaking news headline (“Tiger vows no more sex when playing golf”), the ‘Sunday Sport’ has served the nation well by exposing the latest political donations scam. Its undercover unemployed reporters captured on tape Mr. Angry posing as a Party fund-raiser. At the Brown Cow pub in East End London the following conversation took place:

Mr. Angry: “Yeah. I’ll get you access to the Labour leader David Miliband. That’ll cost you £50 in advance.”

Reporter: “Where and when?”

Mr. Angry: “Mrs. Angry deals with the administration but it’s likely to be under Westminster Bridge.”

Reporter: “We’d like to reach the PM.”

Mr. Angry: “Right. Damien and I are close. But it’s £200. What do want to talk to him about?”

Reporter: “The VAT on our meat pies. It’ll put us out of business.”

Mr. Angry: “Oh you need the Chancellor for that. Mrs. Angry. Give Gideon a bell. Tell him I want to see him.”

The reporters return after being told by Mr. Angry that he would buy a round of drinks but his welfare payment had been delayed.

Mr. Angry: “Friday’s paper. That bird. Adele. The one that said “My customers will be thrilled by the 50% tax cut move.”

Reporter: “Well?”

Mrs. Angry: “Mr. Angry has no more time thank you.”

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