Strewth – they’ve not chosen Mrs. Angry

The decision taken by David and Samantha Cameron to employ a controversial Australian backpacker as their temporary nanny has not gone down well with Mr. Angry.

Sammi Strange (24) is filling in for six weeks while the permanent Nepalese carer (Gita Lama) is away. The former Melbourne Grammar School pupil, who admits to shoplifting, smoking and drinking, was interviewed using the internet.

“This is ridiculous” cried Mr. Angry in the pub yesterday. “I attended the Downing Street interview myself. Mrs. Angry was superb. It was a pity she dropped the tray of tea and she certainly regretted poking her knitting needle in the security guard’s eye. He’ll only be in hospital for three days so what’s the fuss?”

In fairness to Mr. Angry he tried hard to create an impression with the Prime Minister.

“I congratulated him on making the Coalition with David Miliband work so well. I told him that telling the British public to horde petrol was absolutely right. It’s what I do although I think Mrs. Angry was wrong to interject and tell them how I sell it under Westminster Bridge. Perhaps suggesting he dined Rupert Murdock more often was silly and he was a bit upset when I told him that George Osborne would oust him within two years. And it was certainly foolish to ask him if he fancied Nadine Dorries.”

“I didn’t want the job anyway” said Mrs. Angry.

“I don’t want to be frisked by Teresa May.”

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