“SMEs are good for your marriage” says Mr. Angry.

Recent research from the Marriage Foundation suggests that divorce rates are falling because men are trying harder. In 1993 there were 165,000 divorces in England and Wales. This fell to 120,000 in 2010. Women applying for separation in the first ten years of marriage has fallen by 27%. A report published by the Foundation says that “men are improving at keeping their wives happy.”

Mr. Angry does not agree with this conclusion. At a packed community meeting held at the Moaning Cow public house, having been asked to resign as Treasurer following the disappearance of the Christmas Club Hamper subscriptions, Mr. Angry announced that it was the growth of enterprising businesses that is causing the fall in the divorce rate.

“Friends” said Mr. Angry. “Working as a partnership like me and Mrs. Angry is what makes a happy marriage. All over the country business owners are under so much pressure from banks, VAT inspectors and Health and Safety officers that it unites them.”

“Isn’t that bloke Fallon going to cut 3,000 red tape rules?” yelled a voice from the back of the bar.

“Friends” cried Mr. Angry. “Most of the rules come from legal instruments called ‘Regulations’ which give to the UK European Directives. These are secondary legislation implementing EC treaties to which the UK has signed up to. Thus the Regulations have to be implemented or the UK is in breach of its EC obligations and might face heavy fines for non-enforcement.” Mr. Angry paused to acknowledge the admiring nods at his new found wisdom. “A bomb fire of red-tape is seductive but ultimately illusory.”

“Unless we vote in UKIP” shouted Rita the bar maid.

“We must run our businesses despite the red tape and help the UK back to prosperity. It’s good for our marriages.”

“Mr. Angry” said an admirer who had picked up his copy of the report from the Marriage Foundation “it says here that ‘it’s the instability of co-habitation that is our greatest concern’.”

“I appeal to all SME owners to be happily married like me and Mrs. Angry.”

“But you’ve been married three times before” yelled Rita.

“And he’s had three failed businesses” yelled another admirer. “So as always Mr. Angry is right.”

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