Mrs. Angry joins the Madonna Generation

Mrs. Angry (real name ‘Bessie’) is under intense pressure from Mr. Angry to go back to work.

“Here” screamed Mr. Angry. “It’s in this report. 200,000 women between the ages of 50 and 64 have gone back to work.”

“But Mr. Angry I’m 72.”

“Doesn’t matter Mrs. Angry. It says they’re called the Madonna Generation because she’s their role model. Anyway you’re much better looking than what’s her name. Now, here’s the ‘Situations Vacant’ column. Do you fancy driving a HGV to Russia?”

“This report also says that only 3,000 men in the same age group have gone back to work.”

“Well Mrs. Angry I’ve got this bad back.”

“The fall in your golf handicap says otherwise.”

“What about kidding the doctor. We don’t want a reduction in our social service benefits.”

“Mr. Angry. The report says women are being innovative. They’re taking managerial and professional positions as well as being self employed. I think I’ll set up my own business. I’ll call it ‘The Madonna Inspiration’.

“What will it do Mrs. Angry?”

“It will provide therapy and legal advice for women with delinquent husbands.”

“I think I’d prefer you continue to take the washing in. The cash is useful.”

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