Mrs. Angry enters the pub quiz

Mr. and Mrs. Angry found themselves involved in a pub quiz when they visited ‘The Moaning Cow’ near to their home during the week. They were in high spirits due to the arrival of Mr. Angry’s social services benefits cheque which was higher than ever before. This was due to Mr. Angry convincing the doctor that he was becoming deaf. The GP simply gave in after ten minutes of theatricals.

Mr. and Mrs. Angry decided to enter as a team and to their surprise reached the final round where they faced ‘The Redundancies’ a group of former hospital managers who were now rather wealthy due to Andrew Lansley paying them all off.

The result came down to final round:

Question One: “Who died in Texas on 22 November 1963?”

Mr. Angry leaped up and down and shouted out that he knew the answer.

“John Wayne. It was John Wayne” he cried.

Mrs. Angry slapped him hard and gave the right response.

“John F. Kennedy” she said in a quiet voice.

Question Two: “Who died in Paris on 31 August 1997?”

“I know that one” yelled Mr. Angry. “It was Marlon Brando while filming ‘The Last tango in Paris’.”

Mrs. Angry belted him harder this time and told the quizmaster that it was Diana Princess of Wales.

Mr. and Mrs. Angry needed to answer the final question to win the quiz.

“Which family did Juliet belong to?”

“I know that” announced Mr. Angry. “It’s either the Montagues or the Capulets: Juliet was a member of the Montagues.”

“Wrong” said the quizmaster. “I can offer it to the other team!”

Mrs. Angry says that her husband will be released from hospital tomorrow.


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