Mr. Angry worries about constitutional reform

The passing of the 2011 Fixed-term Parliaments Act has caused Mr. Angry much concern.

“The Prime Minister can now not ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament and call a General Election” he observed to Mrs. Angry in a rare moment of erudition.

“Coronation Street is on at 8.00pm” she replied.

“We’ve got this lot for five years” continued Mr. Angry.

He knew, of course, that the House of Commons can dissolve Parliament with a two-thirds majority.

“That’s 434 of the 650 MPs” said Mrs. Angry. “What time is Home and Away on?”

“But the Government can resign” he continued “and then there is 14 days for another party to form an administration.”

“Hang on” cried Mr. Angry spilling his beer over the dog. Mr. Angry’s mongrel only has three legs. It’s called ‘Lucky’.

“That could mean that Red Ed could get in. Perhaps he might need some Lib-dems but that’s possible.”

Mr. Angry’s mood improved with this news. The 2011 Act has created a possible way for Ed to become the next Prime Minister.

“Only bloody way he will get to No. 10” summarised Mr. Angry as the dog bit him.

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