Mr. Angry turns various shades of colour

Mr. and Mrs. Angry have been using their free time usefully this week. They were last seen in the Moaning Cow public house. Mr. Angry was drinking a green coloured liquid.

“What’s that?” asked Mrs. Angry as she pressed ahead with her knitting.

“Absinthe Mrs. Angry.”

“What’s that Mr. Angry?”

“It’s my drink Mrs. Angry. It’s made of flowers, green anise and sweet fennel.”

“Pardon Mr. Angry. What’s that to do with the price of lager?”

“Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde drank it. All us great writers consume it.”

“What do you mean “us”. You can barely sign your claim forms in the Benefits Office.”

“I’m writing a best seller Mrs. Angry. The publishers will be lining up to pay me millions.”

“What’s it about Mr. Angry?”

“It concerns a drama student Aniseed Iron who meets a businessman Chris Off-White. He has inner demons but is really quite randy. It’s really an excuse for a bit of ‘how’s your father’.

“Have you a title Mr. Angry?”

“Yes. I’m calling it ‘Fifty Shades of Anger.’”

“Do you need to do any research for your book Mr. Angry?”

“You see that blonde over by the bar?”

“Time for your cocoa Mr. Angry.”

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