Mr. Angry says: ‘It’s a bad reshuffle for women’

The weekly meeting with the Prime Minister David Miliband held at the PM’s country home ‘Draughts’ ended in turmoil as Mr. Angry was unable to persuade the leader that his reshuffling of the Cabinet was in the country’s best interests.

“Why get rid of Cheryl Gillam PM? She’s a woman. Yes, the Welsh economy is on its knees and the only Westminster Welsh politician getting good press is Peter Hain but…”

Mr. Angry paused whilst the PM was forced to take a phone call from the Deputy Prime Minister Vince Cable who wanted to give him his instructions for the following day.

“As I was saying PM, Baroness Warsi is a woman. Why replace her with Grants Shapps. What’s he done for the housing market.”

Mr. Angry waited while the PM checked his social diary to see which hedge fund manager he was dining with that evening.

“And Prime Minister why sack Justine Greening just because her aviation policies are wrecking our trading prospects.”

The butler brought in the latest edition of ‘Homes and Gardens’ which the country’s leader decided to read before continuing.

“You pledged PM that a third of the government would be women. Only16 of the 114 ministers and whips are females PM. Oh. I’m leaving. I haven’t finished my lager.”

Mr. Angry turned at the door only to find that the PM was listening to his CD of the Spice Girls.

“PM. I still think you should consider my best idea in the reshuffle. Give Anthea Turner a peerage and make her minister for the family.”

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