Mr. Angry says “Governments in trouble always cheat.”

The Sunday lunchtime disciples, who follow Mr. Angry religiously, were listening with rapt attention to his economics lecture. The Moaning Cow public house was heaving as a result of the monthly receipt of benefits cheques in the community.

“My friends” yelled the modern day Hayek (Mr. Angry believes in the sanctity of the economic cycle) “I have it on good authority (a senior Cabinet member’s chauffeur) that they are going to change the formula for the retail price index.”

“What’s that Mr. Angry?” cried a follower from the bar.

“Where’s my pint. It’s the figure that measures the rise in the cost of living.”

“Bananas are up” said Mrs. Angry as she hurried to finish her knitting of a pullover for the troops in Afghanistan.

“It affects pension increases and inflation-linked bonds.” He stopped to drink deeply.

“What’s a bond Mr. Angry?”

“It’s where the Government pinches our money and doesn’t pay enough. But friends this is serious. The rumour is that the new index might be 0.5% lower.

“Mrs. Thatcher did the same Mr. Angry. She introduced RPI-X which omitted housing costs.”

“Vote Labour” yelled a voice.

“Gordon Brown did the same with the Consumer price Index which produced a lower number.”

“It’s always the same” concluded Mr. Angry. “When politicians don’t know what to do they fiddle with the figures.”

“I hope that you’re not thinking of playing with my statistics Mr. Angry” shouted Rita the bar maid.

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