Mr. Angry: “Publisher!”

The crowd at the Sunday gathering of Mr. Angry’s adoring followers who filled the Moaning Cow public house were staggered as their hero stopped talking and rushed over to comfort Mrs. Angry. He wiped the tears away from her eyes and returned to his lectern.

 “Friends” he cried. “Mrs. Angry is overcome with joy. She and I have become grandparents.”

 “Now this is where I, Montgomery Maxwell Angry, show that I never forget that at heart I am an entrepreneur.”

“With other people’s money Mr. Angry” yelled the man by the fruit machine.

“I have bought my new grandson a copy of ‘Mr. Perfect’”.

The cheers rand out around the public house as Mrs. Angry burst into tears again.

“No wait. I have done some research. There are thirty six titles in the ‘Mr. Men’ series including Mr. Busy, Mr. Lazy.”

“That’s your book Mr. Angry” shouted Rita the barmaid.

“Mr. Clumsy, Mr. Quiet but guess what my friends. There is NO Mr. Angry!”

There were loud boos at this startling news.

“So I’m proud to announce the formation of Angry Publishing. I shall set the world alight with my dynamic approach to the written word. The first title is ‘Mr. Angry the maestro.’

Loud applause filled the pub as his disciples cheered their hero.

“Can anybody lend me a tenner. I need to get some business cards printed.”


Editor: Henry James Drury aged nine days and weighing 6.14oz is doing well.

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