Mr. Angry now loves illegal immigrants

Mr. and Mrs. Angry have spent Christmas in Wales. They arrived at Butlins only to find it closed.

“My Missus knows a good B&B when she sees one” Mr. Angry proudly exclaimed “all paid for by the Social Services.”

It was when reading the ‘Daily Post’ (‘North Wales best read daily newspaper’) that Mr. Angry received his favourite Christmas present.

Their lead story on 29 December 2011 read “Illegals found in freezer truck.” Eight males were found in the back of a vehicle at Holyhead.

“I told yer” cried Mr. Angry. “The UK Border Agency has lost all control. Sack the Home Secretary, that’s what I think.”

His opinion changed, however, a few minutes later when Mrs. Angry read the full article to him.

The illegals were actually trying to leave the UK and reach Ireland.

“Yeah” yelled Mr. Angry in the pub. “What a result!”

Note.  The Assistant Director of the UK Border Agency in Wales said “this was a most unusual case. We were tipped off by the lorry driver.”

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