Mr. Angry needs a prescription

Mr. Angry, fully supported by Mrs. Angry, is furious that prescription charges in England will rise to £7.65 (+0.25p) from 1 April 2012.

“It’s outrageous that us hard-working tax payers should have to pay more.”

“When did you last pay tax Mr. Angry?” asked Mrs. Angry.

“That’s not the point. I’ve been unlucky being out of work for ten years.” He paused to drink his third pint of lager at the start of another evening in the pub.”

“The doctors. They don’t care. I had a real problem getting my sickness note yesterday. He couldn’t see the spasms I was having with my back.”

“But you did enjoy your round of golf Mr. Angry.”

“And look at this Mrs. Angry. Prescriptions in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are free. It makes me very cross. Let that bloke Salmond have his own country I say Mrs. Angry.”

“You don’t pay for your drugs anyway Mrs. Angry.”

That’s not the point Mrs. Angry. I’m a man of principle.”

“Can I have another large red wine on the slate please Mr. Angry.”

“You know Mrs. Angry. You and me. We’re the backbone of this country.”

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