Mr. Angry loves the Eurozone crisis

Mr. Angry is ecstatic: the Eurozone crisis is getting worse.

“Oh! Mrs. Angry” he was heard to cry out as he waited for his larger and mince meat pie in the ‘Moaning Cow.’

“But isn’t it serious Mr. Angry” she replied. “The Governor of the Bank of England says so.”

“Don’t be fooled by that Mrs. Angry. He’s saying lots of silly things so that he can get a better advance on his memoirs when he retires next year.”


“But nothing Mrs. Angry. You stick to your washing. The cash is good. Look at what our wonderful leader Damien Cameroon said while playing scrabble with Obama at the G8 conference:

Action needs to be taken, contingency plans need to be put in place and the strengthening of banks, governance, firewalls – all of those things..”

Mr. Angry ordered another pint he was so overcome by the Churchillian tone of those words.

“What do his words mean Mr. Angry?”

“Nothing. They never do. He just likes to sound important. Anyway, have you seen the euro/pound rate? I think we’ll have another holiday in Greece. I must write and tell Damien that we’ll be away.”

“But he might check up on the social services. You’ve just convinced them again that your back is worsening.”

“But that Mrs. Angry is why Damien’s words are so powerful. There are too many scroungers in Europe.”

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