Mr. Angry launches new literary career

Move over Leo Tolstoy. A new wordsmith talent is about to hit town. He will make the author of ‘Anna Karenina’ seem second rate.

It was while he was planning his latest application to the Benefits Office that Mr. Angry realised Mrs. Angry was rather subdued. Although she had her snowball with extra champagne and the usual window seat at the Moaning Cow public house all was not well. Mr. Angry was his usual caring self.

“Did you finish all the washing? We need the money.”

“She was my favourite author.”

“Who?” asked Mr. Angry.

“Penny Jordan. She wrote 200 novels in 30 years. She sold over 100 million copies. She was Mills & Boons most prolific author. She’s just died.”

“What’s that to do with the washing?” asked Mr. Angry.

“Her first title was ‘Duchess in Disguise’. She wrote romantic fiction. I loved her books. My favourite was ‘The Sicilian Boss’s Wife.’

“No wonder your takings are down reading this nonsense.”

“She left over one million pounds in her will.”

“She what! But anybody can write that rubbish. What about me Mrs. Angry. I’ll write for Mills & Boon. I’ll be an entrepreneur publisher. That George Osborne says the economy needs a boost. I’ll write lots of books. How about ‘The Goddess of the Moaning Cow pub.’

“But what experience do you have of romance Mr. Angry.”

“I thought you said it was fiction. Back to the washing.”

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