Mr. Angry knows no fear

Mr. Angry has been spending the winter months reading ‘The Fear Index: the day has come to make a killing’ by Robert Harris (Hutchinson 2011).

The brilliantly told story concerns Dr. Alex Hoffmann, a visionary computer scientist, whose software turns trading patterns into gold. His artificial intelligence tracts human emotions thus predicting movements in financial markets.  His Geneva based hedge fund is hugely successful but is trying to raise new funds. However Dr. Hoffmann is under threat from a virus that he cannot track down. His world begins to collapse until an extraordinary conclusion reveals all.

Mr. Angry found that the detailed prose tested his reading skills but the thought of learning how to make money encouraged him to keep trying.

“I should have been a hedge fund manager” he told Mrs. Angry.

“I thought you wanted to be prime minister” she replied.

“I don’t think Barking Comprehensive compares to Eton Mrs. Angry.”

“And there was the brief period you spent in a Borstal institution.”

“I was stitched up Mrs. Angry.”

“So this Fear Index book. Did you learn anything from it” asked Mrs. Angry.

“Dunno really. I can’t understand it. Coming to the pub?”


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