Mr. Angry is in love – with Nadine

After years of searching Mr. Angry has announced that he has found the woman of his dreams: Nadine Dorries MP

“Just look at what she has written (in the Mail on Sunday)” he announced in his local when Mrs. Angry was fetching his ale.

“Cameron and Osborne are two arrogant posh boys who don’t know the price of milk…I have a problem when arrogance combines with privilege to be the root cause of bad decisions.”

Mr. Angry beamed with pleasure. He read further extracts to his pals:

“We have to deal with increasing displays of bad manners from the Prime Minister..many of us cringed at the images from the US when the perpetually grinning Cameron visited Barack Obama.”

But the section which cemented Ms Dorries in his affections was the statement that the chairman of the 1922 backbench committee needs to receive 46 signatures from Conservative MPs to signal a vote of no confidence.

“She’s saying that’ll happen by Christmas” Mr. Angry yelled.

Mr. Angry also announced that he’s willing to be Nadine’s campaign manager when she seeks election as Ed’s deputy.

“But she’s a conservative” said Mrs. Angry.

“I’m working on that Mrs. Angry…spoke to Ed this morning.”

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