Mr. Angry gets the hump

Regular readers of this blog will know that its hero is a caring, humane person and always ready to see the other person’s point of view.

“This is a f*****g disgrace Mrs. Angry” he screamed as he started to drink his fifth pint of lager in The Moaning Cow public house. He then realised that Mrs. Angry was at home finishing off her eleven hour stint at taking in washing.

“Read this” he continued on to his admirers in the bar. “They’ve taken up nine speed humps in Greenwich so that the Olympic dignitaries can be chauffeured in style.”

He slammed his pint down.”All they’re seeing is bloody shooting at the Royal Artillery Barracks.”

Mr. Angry began to warm to his subject.

“Look at this” he yelled throwing his free distribution paper on the table. “The residents knew nothing about it and the traffic is going faster.” He now turned red in the face. “Hells, bells it’s costing me £50,000 to put them back again.”

Mrs. Angry had now arrived and was sipping her Snowball drink. “Yes Mr. Angry but the Games will do our Country a great deal of good. The world will see us at our best.”

“You’re right Mrs. Angry. I’ve dedicated my life to my love of my country. All those months in the trenches and my courage at Dunkirk.”

“I thought that you were a conscientious objector Mr. Angry?”

“…it was a mistake. I filled the form in wrong. Anyway I’ve shown in my life that I reject anything to do with the Krauts.”

“But you’re drinking lager Mr. Angry.”

“What’s that to with it?”

“Lager is a German beer Mr. Angry.”

“WHAT! I’m suing the landlord.”

“You can’t Mr. Angry. You’ve used up all your legal aid suing the doctor.”


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