Mr. Angry fights ‘Dole blitz’

Mr. Angry has a new hate figure: the Employment Minister Chris Grayling.

“I’ll be writing to my leader Damien Cameroon” he told Mrs. Angry as they passed the evening in ‘the Moaning Cow’. Mrs. Angry felt that the vin blanc was not chilled properly.

“But I thought you are a member of the Labour party Mr. Angry.”

“Oh! Mrs. Angry. I really do like David Moribund but when your only policy is ‘Ed Balls’ I have to move on.”

“So what has upset you this time? Can you pass the pork scratchings please.”

“Mrs. Angry. This Chris Grayling introduced a new regime last year which tried to get the long-term unemployed back to work. The Job Centre staff can make those who they think are work shy undertake 30 hours a week supervised community work.” Mr. Angry snatched at his pint. “Think of that Mrs. Angry. That’s more time than you spend taking in washing.”

“Which reminds me Mr. Angry. You promised me a new mangle.”

“I’ve got it. I’m just waiting for her to go out shopping. I’ll need to drug the dog.”

“So what has this Chris Grayling done now Mr. Angry?”

“He wants to extend it to every claimant. That could include me.”

“Never Mr. Angry. Not you. You always beat the system.”

“I’m not alone Mrs. Angry. Only 18,000 jobless have joined this Grayling scheme.Typical Cameroon. All talk. No action Mrs. Angry.”

“Is that why you support him Mr. Angry?”

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