Mr. Angry demands that disqualified directors are banned

It is rare indeed that Mr. Angry spills any of the strong lager that he consumes during his nightly visits to the Moaning Cow Public House. However, on this occasion, Mrs. Angry was quick to mop up the flow of alcohol which poured down his pullover.

“Oh Mr. Angry what has upset you?”

“Look Mrs. Angry. Read this. It’s a national disgrace. I’d phone Red Ed but he’s attending the Olympics.”

“What’s a disgrace Mr. Angry. I know the doctor’s questioning your medical certificate.”

“I was unlucky Mrs. Angry. He caught me coming off the eighteenth tee. I collapsed in agony but he didn’t believe me. It was a mistake to tell him how well I’ve been playing.”

“So what’s this article you keep waving in the air?”

“I’m so incensed. It says here that unscrupulous company directors are avoiding justice. Just one in five cases of misbehaviour by directors results in disqualification.”

Mrs. Angry fetched another round of drinks because due the Olympic Games her levels of washing and thus her earnings have increased as mothers watch the televised sports.

“It’s all the fault of The Insolvency Service” continued Mr. Angry. “Of 5,401 reports they received, just 1,151 (21%) led to a disqualification order being made.” He quickly attacked his fresh pint of lager. “They’re useless. No wonder this country’s going down the drain.”

“Aren’t they the people who banned you Mr. Angry when your gold exchange business collapsed.”

“Mistaken identity Mrs. Angry. It was my partner’s fault.”

“He’s in Bermuda now isn’t he?”

“Here Mrs. Angry. Here’s the problem. This article says they’ve cut £60 million of running costs and reduced by 62 staff.” He gulped. “No wonder we’re in recession Mrs. Angry.” But he thought further.

“Every cloud has a silver lining Mrs. Angry. I think it’s time to reform my escort agency business ‘Birds-on-call Limited’. I’ll give Samantha a bell.”

Mr. Angry fell to the floor in pain. “Mrs. Angry. What have I done?”

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