Mr. Angry calls out his doctor

Whilst enjoying his third pint of lager at the Moaning Cow public house Mr. Angry decided to call out his doctor.

“You can’t call that surgery Mr. Angry” advised Mrs. Angry as she sipped her snowball. “You’ve been banned. You molested the nurse if you remember.”

“She hurt me with the needle. Anyway I’ll contact the other doctor.”

“What’s your problem anyway Mr. Angry?”


“Stress! You look fine.”

“I was until I read this article. Not only are doctors striking for the first time in 37 years causing huge problems for millions of people but over 100 GPs and consultants have retired with pension pots worth over £3.5m. Has the world gone mad Mrs. Angry?”

“Well Mr. Angry. The BMA says that the pension reforms will require doctors to work until they are 68.”

“Look Mrs. Angry. I’ve read a bit more. Not only do they get their pensions but they receive a tax-free sum of at least £230,000. The world has gone mad.”

“This Andrew Lansley knows what he’s talking about Mr. Angry. He said that “No one should be under any illusions: the planned BMA strike will be bad for patients.”

“Aren’t his reforms wrecking the NHS anyway?”

“I wonder if the doctor will sign me off for longer with this stress. It’ll increase our benefits and you’ll only need to take in washing for five days a week.”

“You are clever Mr. Angry.”

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