Mr. Angry and the Bakewell tart

Only a woman could distract Mr. Angry from his pint of lager and pork scratchings.

However in the last week this happened. Whilst conducting his political surgery at ‘The Moaning Cow’ public house he was approached by an adoring disciple and asked what he thought about what Bakewell had said.

“Well they’re very good cakes” laughed Mr. Angry.

“No. That was Mr. Kipling. I’m asking about what Baroness Bakewell said at the recent Hay Festival.

Mr. Angry’s razor sharp mind worked overtime. Baroness Bakewell, the Labour peer, the former Joan Bakewell who, in the 1980s, Frank Muir described as “the thinking man’s crumpet”. The journalist who called her autobiography ‘The Centre of the Bed’ (2004), a reference to women in the male dominated media.

“So what did she say?” asked Mr. Angry.

“She said that women may soon outnumber men in positions of power and influence.”

“What! Bet she didn’t give any examples.”

“Christine Legarde, managing director of the IMF.”

“She doesn’t count. She’s French.”

“She also said that the woman’s cause is helped by the greater tolerance of people’s sexuality.”

“I’m an example of that” cried Mr. Angry. “I’m all for women provided they know their place.”

Mr. Angry was unable to continue as he had received a message from Mrs. Angry that if he wasn’t home in ten minutes part of his anatomy would go through the mangle.

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