I told you…no women” accuses Mr. Angry

Mr. Angry is a modern thinker who reflects the best in contemporary attitudes. He just disagrees with the notion that there should be mandatory quotas of women on company boards of directors.

He was therefore elated at the findings of research carried out by Bundesbank that suggested women were more likely to take risks with a bank’s finances than their male counterparts. A team of academics from Britain, Germany and the United States concluded that

‘The drive to improve gender balance should be carefully weighed with the finding that employing a higher proportion of female board members significantly increases risking.’

The report continued by saying that

‘The analysis seemed to contradict studies suggesting that women acted as a calming influence.’

The most damaging section said that

‘Board changes that increase the representation of female executives are not conducive to reducing bank risk. Rather, a higher proportion of female board members significantly increases risk taking.’

“Yeah” yelled Mr. Angry. “I’ve been justified. They’ll want a woman Governor of the Bank of England when Merve goes” he cried.

“Who do you suggest” asked Mrs. Angry.

“Kate Winslet. She survived the Titantic.”

“Mr. Angry”

“Yes dear”

“Get on with your jobs. You can start by getting out the mangle.”

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