“I broke Adele’s heart” reveals Mr. Angry

The controversy over the songs recorded by Adele on her hit album “21” has been laid bare by a statement from Mr. Angry that he was the subject of her expressions of having lost a great love.

It had been thought that it might have been Slinky Sunbeam (aka Slinky Winfield, the bassist with ‘The More Assured’), the comedian James Corden, Jamie Reynolds, the lead singer of the rock group ‘Klaxons’ or perhaps DJ Mark Ronson.

Mr. Angry is preparing to sell his story to the newspapers once he has found the bus fare so he can reach London.

“Well Mrs. Angry” he told his wife “I was outside the BBC near to Oxford Circus selling ‘The Big Issue’ when she arrived in a black BMW. She smiled at me.”

“Is that all?” asked Mr. Angry.

“No. We both knew instantly. I was the man she had been looking for. That song, ‘Someone Like You’ obviously Mrs. Angry is me.”

“So how will you cash in?”

“I’ll sell my story to ‘The Sun’. I phoned the editor but he was busy.”

“But what if Social Services hear about you selling ‘The Big Issue’. They’ll stop your cheques.”

“Oh. Yes. Oh forget it. I prefer Shirley Bassey anyway.”

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