“He’ll ask me WHAT!?” cries Mr. Angry

It was Mrs. Angry who first read about the suggestion from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Misuse.

“Look at this Mr. Angry” she said.

“What? I’m filling in my complaint’s form from Tesco Mrs. Angry.”

“No Mr. Angry. It’s Waitrose this week. You did Tesco last week.”

“Oh yes. Still we got another voucher. What is it?”

“It says here that your doctor should always ask you how much you drink.”

“What a bloody cheek. Anyway he did ask me and I told him.”

“You said nineteen units Mr. Angry.”

“Exactly Mrs. Angry.”

“The doctor meant ‘a week’ Mr. Angry. Not, in your case, a day.”

“Genuine misunderstanding Mrs. Angry. Anyway what’s this all about?”

“The idea is that people who drink too much must have a ten minute session with the doctor or a nurse to discuss their drinking. Listen to this Mr. Angry:

The interventions use motivational interviewing and behaviour-change techniques to help the patient assess and make plans to change.”

“Ridiculous. I’m off to the pub before they put the prices up.”

(The Government’s ‘Alcohol Strategy’ expectedly shortly is likely to include a minimum price of around 40/50 pence a unit).


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