Adorable Angry to join forces with Gorgeous George

Mr. Angry has announced, in a dramatic speech at his local pub, that he is changing his name to ‘Adorable Angry’ and partnering George Galloway MP (Respect Party). He has torn up his Labour Party membership card.

“Me and Gorgeous George go back a long way” he told Mrs. Angry as she sipped her brandy based cocktail.

“But you’ve never met him Mr. Angry” she suggested.

“Adorable Angry from now on Mrs. Angry. Me and George, we’re joined at the hip.”

“But he’s teetotal. You’re a drunk. You persuaded the doctor to register you as an alcoholic.”

“That was to get more money from the Social Services. I drink very little really.”

“But you were dancing down the street when we invaded Iraq. ‘Neuc the b*****ds’ you were crying.”

“No, no Mrs. Angry I was pretending just like the Tories. They pretend to…”

“What about Gorgeous George’s appeal to the young Muslims in Bradford West: that’s what won him 56% of the vote.”

“I love everybody Mrs. Angry. That’s why the name ‘adorable’ so fits me.”

“Do you know how he got the nickname ‘Gorgeous’?”

“He’s like me: lovable.”

“It was because after he was first elected as an MP for Glasgow Hillhead he went to a conference in Greece and admitted to a number of liaisons with local beauties.”

“I knew he was the man for me” sighed Mr. Angry.

“Mr. Angry. I suggest you re-hang your ‘Ed’s my man’ posters before I get cross.”

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