When The “Hunter-Gatherer” Can Neither Hunt nor Gather

I’m not talking about the terminally bone idle who are unemployable but I think, with the Festive Season approaching, I must write in support of those without work who would walk across burning coals barefoot to land a full wage packet before Christmas coupled with some sort of brighter future for their dependants in 2013.

I was treated recently to a monologue from one of the enlightened left. The jist of his views was simply that to create jobs without the protection afforded to the still-employed would create a two-tier workforce. Yes, it probably would, comrade!…The average SME can’t understand your complicated laws (which Dave has yet to repeal) and therefore is reluctant to hire in these difficult times. The consequence of your legislation is that it is simpler for a business not to hire and thus, de facto, to keep people out of work. I do have the feeling that the hundreds of thousands who fall under the description in my opening paragraph would just grab that job without its protections and work a damned sight harder as a consequence, relishing the self-respect that comes with being able to support their families again.

Anyone recently heard about Cable’s Bank? Remember the trumpeting around party conference time about a new bank for small business?? It turns out that Our Guardian of The Department of the Clueless plans to set up a bank for SMEs that won’t actually lend. His not very bright idea is that this new institution will buy securitised business loans from the main banks, thus improving their ability to lend. Bless him. He really doesn’t get it. The need is for debt based working capital to fund business as the UK emerges from recession. I have endured a number of meetings with banks this past quarter and the truth is that our clearing banks talk the talk but are disinclined to walk the walk. They are far too risk averse to meet the nation’s needs at present. The upshot of all of this is that far too many businesses will go to the wall unnecessarily as they find themselves unable to finance their uplift in trade.

So, the bleak outlook (and under a Conservative led administration!!) is that hundreds of thousands are being denied an opportunity to work because SMEs are unwilling to create jobs for fear of breaking incomprehensible laws; businesses will struggle with liquidity and many will fail as a consequence; at an operational level across the State, those tasked with cutting public expenditure are the very people who themselves should be cut and public expenditure continues unchecked in areas we can all live without.

I just cannot fathom how much worse the situation would be if The Lot Too Stupid To Elect The Correct Brother were in power but it most certainly is time for the Government of the Day to stop confusing activity with achievement and do something which might appeal to those who actually voted for them, many of whom comprise the owner/managers of the UK’s 4.8m SMEs.

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  1. 28 November, 2012 at 10:07

    Ian, as usual you have cut through the trivia and minutiae and highlighted some major issues, Not only is it time for the banks to now ‘walk the walk’; (for “time”, read seriously overdue as they’ve had taxpayers’ money for so long); but the Government of the Day also needs to get off it’s collective fat ass and Dave needs to exhibit some personal leadership skills to get those who confuse (minimal) activity with (any form of) achievement to start walking.

    In fact, it’s so overdue they ought to break into a light jog at the very least and make sure the banks make available to the SME sector the taxpayers’ funds to give us business owners the opportunity to diversify into new products, services and markets.

    After all, we’ve got to give The Lot To Stupid Too Elect the Correct Brother something tangible to break, next time the great British electorate forget what a mess The Lot Too Stupid To Elect the Correct Brother made of the economy last opportunity they had, and manage to elect them again…

  2. 23 November, 2012 at 10:52

    A great article Ian….there just is no incentive to get a new business up & running as there are so many blockages in the way. Just getting a bank account opened itself is a murderous task with so much gobbledegook justification box-ticking going on. In the City the REGULATORS are putting free spirited brokers & fm’s out of business because they prefer box ticking RDR qualified ninkumpoops to skin investors,. For those of us trained and used to “thinking out of the box” there simply is NO future as we must all tick boxes to satisfy compliance personnel. In essence the new City will sink or swim together. My guess is that sinking is going to become the norm as free enterprise gets extinguished across EU & UK. I call it fascism as socialists have become the neo-capitalists today.

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