The price of ignorance

The EU says that it’s most probably illegal to set a minimum price for alcohol, as reported by the BBC.

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not setting a minimum price level for alcohol will actually make any difference to those ‘difficult’ figures that suggest that UK society has some addiction problems with the Worlds one and only drug that can be used ‘responsibly’.

The fact that the almost universal view that alcohol can be used ‘responsibly’ is accepted by the majority of people without much in the way of question is in reality at the heart of the problem, because it avoids the uncomfortable truth, we need to ask ourselves;

What is it about the human existence that means that we need drugs to tolerate it?

‘Money’ is one of the most common underlying reasons for alcohol addiction. Not having enough of it, having too much of it and everything in-between.

I really do wonder where the politicians responsible for making policies involving alcohol get their ideas from.  How on earth do they expect to control someone with a dependency and possible addiction to alcohol by attempting to control how much it costs? For the addict it’s not some sort of casual luxury to drink alcohol, it’s seen by them as a vital part of getting through the day and an attempt to get themselves ‘away ‘from whatever it is that is driving that addiction.

Not forgetting that the policy of putting the price up is only likely to impact on those for whom money is a consideration. The financially comfortable and well off are not exempt from being alcoholic, but this pricing strategy is unlikely to resolve their addiction.

Governments have been warned in the past that alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet, but anyone suggesting such a thing is either sacked or buried in meaningless statistics illustrating how the ‘vast majority’ are ‘responsible drinkers’.

Go out tonight and find some ‘responsible drinkers’ Watch carefully how everyone carefully measures the amount they are drinking, always stop at the allocated units, and never ever finish a bottle of wine once it is open, they will of course replace the cork and save it for the next time, having dutifully taken at least one alcohol free day in-between.

Better still go and ask an alcoholic if putting the price of alcohol up will stop them drinking, and they are likely to give you a number of possible replies, but they will all mean roughly the same thing;


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