But I really didn’t mean it

Have you ever sent a text message, e-mail or voice mail under the influence of alcohol and regretted it after the alcohol wore off?

The human body and mind includes a wide variety of ‘defence’ mechanisms that attempt to keep us safe, they help to prevent us from doing and saying things that are likely to lead to serious injury, emotional pain and at worst death.

They can all of course be ignored and overridden by the rational mind through choice, but for that decision to be truly valid the mind will need to be in an un-altered state, and that means free of mind altering drugs including alcohol.

With a clear head our emotions can act as messengers. They tell us how we are feeling about something, some will prompt us into action but we will consciously and subconsciously be analysing the possible outcomes and how we will feel about them. Our assessment of a given situation will mean that we will arrive at a conclusion and decide on the most appropriate course of action, sometimes all in only a few seconds.

Now imagine trying to do that under the influence of alcohol.

The problem is that alcohol will be affecting your decision making; it will be interfering with the intensity of your emotions, deluding you into thinking that your physical ability is far superior to all around you and that no matter what you do you will be able to ‘handle the consequences’ no matter what they are.

Acting out this illusion can result in serious physical injury as a result of a fight that would have otherwise been a heated debate, engaging in infidelity after years of being in a successful relationship, attempting a feat that you would otherwise know that you are not capable of and of course ‘speaking your mind’.

But it’s not your mind is it? It’s actually your drug altered mind, and that is not you in your natural state with all of your faculties working as they are intended to.

Technology means that we can now communicate literally at the touch of a button, and the advent of text and e-mail messaging means that there is a hard copy of what was said long after a telephone conversation would have most probably been forgotten.

Many people that were drinking alcohol yesterday will be today be looking at their screens in horror wondering why on earth they wrote what is staring back at them, as it will most likely feel very, very different from when they were writing it.

I’m sure that you can work out how to avoid that happening to you tomorrow.

1 comment for “But I really didn’t mean it

  1. Peter Hanley
    11 April, 2012 at 11:24

    Hi Alcohol-Expert

    So what’s the answer?

    Seems to me that our technology needs to become more intelligent about our use of alcohol. Perhaps when we are sober we could tell our machines that we don’t want them to work [and drop us in it] when we’re intoxicated.

    What do you think?

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