Born to do it

Scientists are on several missions it seems.

They include finding a cure for cancer, understanding why we yawn and proving beyond reasonable doubt that people are born alcoholic. The following article in the Daily Mail is the very latest from the scientific community on the subject.

The findings suggest that individuals with alcoholic parents are more prone to being alcoholic themselves because of the way their brains are ‘wired’. I found myself in a state of ‘alcoholism’ in my forties although it could be argued that it started earlier depending on what definition is used to describe the condition.

But in my case there is a problem with the theory as neither of my parents was or is an alcoholic and to my knowledge none of my grandparents were either.

Personally I would have found it reassuring if it were simply a case that I became an alcoholic because my brain was ‘wired’ that way. I feel that I would have felt slightly less responsible, that somehow it was inevitable and that it wasn’t my fault that I succumbed to alcoholism.

It may not have been my fault but it was my choice. I became an alcoholic by drinking alcohol persistently, living in denial of the underlying causes of my addiction and deciding not to do anything about them. The consequences were extremely damaging to me personally and to those close to me, but I accept responsibility for it, I certainly had the option to do things differently, but I chose not to.

Part of the scientific mission appears to be to prove that some humans can tolerate and resist the effects of mind altering drugs on the brain, with a view to proving that it is possible to engage in ‘responsible drinking’ but subject to having the ‘appropriate wiring’ in the brain of the drinker.

I would suggest that just maybe it is far simpler. Where there is alcoholism there will be underlying causes, resolving the causes will enable the user to move away from the alcohol as the ‘reasons’ for drinking will have been addressed.

Children are likely to learn from their parents by watching them, so if they see their alcoholic parents reaching for the alcohol when they are celebrating, commiserating, attempting to relax, trying to overcome massive confidence and self esteem issues, instead of dealing with them then the children may well follow suit.

I wonder if science is also researching proof of the ‘bleeding obvious’

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