Banking on a hangover?

As a four day bank holiday weekend for many fast approaches, some will be thinking about what they will be drinking, where they will be drinking it and wondering if they will avoid the almost inevitable hangover that may well ruin at least one of their valuable ‘days off’

As soon as the alcohol starts to be processed by your body all sorts of changes take place and for most it makes them feel just ‘slightly rough’. In order to avoid this feeling and the slightly depressed state that it often induces, many will decide to just carry on drinking.

Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach first and then small intestine where the rate of absorption is much higher. This explains ‘suddenly’ feeling very drunk when the stomach decides that it will move the alcohol from the stomach to the intestines without warning. Covering the valve with food can help to delay the process but the end result is inevitable.

The liver will process the alcohol and will produce toxins as a result; these will have an impact on how you feel, as will the congeners in alcoholic drinks that can have a big impact on the mood and emotional state of the drinker.

Alcohol affects the urinary system and stops it from working as intended. When consuming alcohol each drink will mean that four times the amount of urine will be discarded, resulting in progressive dehydration.

When the alcohol consumption stops, the body will begin the process of rebalancing itself by completely disposing of the alcohol and then processing all of the other toxins and undesirables produced as a result. This will often involve the liver diverting water from the brain, shrinking it in the process and causing it to pull on the membranes attaching it to the skull. That results in pain, usually a pounding headache and a feeling of not wanting to move the head in any way shape or form.

Will the hangover and the loss of time spent recovering really be worth ingesting alcohol for in the first place? What did it change? Did you have a good time? Are you sure? Will you have your aching head in your hands saying never again? Will you be in a Police cell? In hospital maybe? Wondering why on earth you did what you did? Only you will know.

There is of course one method that prevents an alcohol hangover every single time.

Just decide not to drink it, and stay in control of all of your decisions.

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