A brave new world

Can you imagine a world without alcoholic drinks?

It’s an interesting thought and there are a number of immediate problems associated with it. Firstly there’s the revenue it generates, the employment it provides, the associated industries that are supported by it and a history of drinking it. Alcohol is a significant contributor to the world’s economy.

Let us imagine that for reasons ‘unknown’ alcoholic drinks cease to be available from tomorrow, and the population with from this day forward have to live without them.

What is the likely outcome?

Well we don’t know of course because it is so totally unlikely that it is virtually implausible,  but using the best that my imagination can muster, I would like to give an outline of what I think that the impact would be.

Firstly there would be uproar! A sense of profound unfairness that this ‘essential’ part of human life was no longer available; the population would demand answers, the immediate return of alcohol. Riots and strikes would be a real possibility, depending on who was perceived as being responsible.

Realisation may follow. It may dawn on many that they are going to find themselves in a place where they will not have the usual ‘fix’ to put their minds under the influence of alcohol. Some may well feel inclined to panic; the thought of not being able to ‘relax’, socialise, celebrate and commiserate without  using alcohol will be close to unthinkable.

It would quickly become obvious to many just how dependent they are on alcohol. Living without it will mean living in the world as it really is continuously, one day after the other. Emotions would be intense, life would be raw without the sedative effects of alcohol, many will feel that they cannot cope, but there will be little choice.

Or will there?

Just maybe the population will look at life for what it really is and decide that actually they don’t much like what they see. They may conclude that instead of taking action and striving to change their lives, they have been self medicating their way through life by using alcohol, in an ongoing attempt to manage the stress, the pain, the worry and the sheer intensity of being alive.

An alcohol & drug free world is one that it possibly unimaginable, but it may be the only one that will give us all the mental space to stop and think about what we are all really doing from day to day, and consider making some changes.

Wouldn’t suit everybody? We’ll probably never know.

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