Trouble in Paradise? I don’t think so

Spotted on a beach in Barbados. One hanging garment rail a long way from home. Still at least this one was relaxing on the beach and probably doubles as a prop in some beach vendor’s stall when it’s not beach-combing

It could be a lot worse. Many cages and trolleys like this one disappear every year in Britain at the hands of itinerant thieves and organised gangs who make a living from stealing transit equipment and selling it for scrap value.  Mild steel is changing hands for record prices at the moment. The problem is becoming an epidemic as more people jump on the bandwagon, knowing that the law is weak and the police are stretched.

However, the fight back has started. If you are losing equipment and having to beg the FD for more capital investment every year then perhaps it’s time to join the debate about what to do about it. The problem isn’t going to go away of its own accord; we need to tackle it. There’s a new group just formed on LinkedIn called Stop Equipment Theft. Its goal is to raise the debate beyond just complaining about the criminals who are bleeding us dry and start to come up with some solutions.  You might want to join in.

In the meantime, while the beach trolley leans nonchalantly against the tree, another sun rises on the struggle to survive for the thousands of cages and trolleys out there on our mean streets.

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