A Cage’s Story

This roll cage lived a short and brutal life and it is unlikely to see another sunrise. It was made in the image of thousands others and was put on this earth to fulfill a noble purpose, to transport milk to shops for us to buy.

Somewhere along the way it took a wrong turn and ended up on Skid Row, displaying vegetables for passers buy to stare at.  Now it stands on a street corner, displaying its wares, a target for unscrupulous dealers cruising in white vans. By the time you read this, our poor cage will in all likelihood have been kidnapped, bundled into said white van and sold to the highest bidder at whose hands it will meet a gruesome fate in a furnace.

A truly sad story, but not uncommon. Every day, thousands of these wheeled chariots of life sustaining products are whisked away, never to be seen again. Scrapyards, recyclers, Eastern European smelters, they all trade in this illegal traffic and as every cage disappears the price of milk suffers. The dairies, the supermarkets, wholesalers all spend millions of pounds every year replacing stolen roll cages and, of the £1.0 billion p.a. cost of stolen metal, it is estimated that roll cages, stillages and other types of transit equipment account for £200 million .The problem is growing because there has been no deterrent. The police don’t have the manpower, the laws are too general and the criminals find it too easy.

Until now that is. The law is about to be tightened to restrict the activities of scrapyards.  In response to the growing impact on railways and power supplies, police authorities are setting up task forces to attack what has become another form of organized crime. And, there’s a new kid in town. A company called Acqsys Supply Chain Solutions is working with the dairy industry and a number of national retailers to track down and repossess their stolen transit equipment. Crucially, Acqsys is also working with police forces across the country, sharing intelligence and acting as a conduit for information resulting from raids.

So, the fight back has begun. We may not be able to save our ill-fated roll cage but we can begin to rescue thousands of others from an appointment with the furnace.

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