Tip 9: Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping BeautyImagine if you had been asleep for 100 years. That you had fallen into a deep slumber in 1912 and woken up last week. You yourself have not changed but the world around you is barely recognisable.

Actually change the scenario slightly. Imagine you had fallen asleep for 10 years. No make that 10 months. How much has changed in your business and your markets that you have not been able to react to? How could you survive?

Business history is littered with companies that have effectively gone to sleep. Who have settled for just being competent. Who have left others to move on ahead. Who end up shedding markets and jobs because they have failed to react to the changes in market conditions.

Sleeping Beauty fortunately had a prince to rescue her. Sleeping businesses if they are lucky may find a friendly white knight to protect them from circling predators by taking them over. Others may find themselves facing a long lingering death as painful as the thorns that surrounded Sleeping Beauty in her castle as she slept.

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