Tip 8: Snow White

Snow WhiteAs a royal princess, albeit one who was being hunted by an assassin hired by her stepmother, Snow White no doubt could have had her pick of collaborators. And yet she ended up successfully working with a team of differently abled men. (Please note Mr Disney we have made no reference to the number or colloquial term for these men as we have no wish to infringe your intellectual property).

Business alliances can take the most unlikely forms and often occur when you least expect them. Like with Snow White, they are often a product of circumstances. They can also be the result of random connections with other people or businesses. Large businesses in particular tend to be very inward looking, and businesses should encourage employees of all levels to get out and about and meet people in a different business context such as a networking or a social or sporting event.

In today’s business world, businesses are having to collaborate more and more, both online and offline. This can even be with competitors leading to the creation a wider market for all. Never close your mind, or the minds of your employees, as to who you can work with. You could be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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