Tip 6: Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the BeanstockThis is a pantomime about a family enterprise whose business is no longer a going concern. Jack, his mother and brother find themselves having to sell their last remaining possession, their cow.

The traditional story does not relate whether they did a proper discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis comparing the potential income from milk produced by the cow with the potential sale price as any good FD would tell you to do. However as Jack eventually settled on a bag of magic beans, a currency that does not lend itself to standard DCF analysis, they probably didn’t. Mind you as the eventual return from the sale of the cow was a hen that laid golden eggs, the hand of a beautiful princess and living happily ever after we guess in this case selling the cow was the right thing to do.

Be warned. This sort of outcome only happens in fairy stories. If you are in the position of having to sell assets to stave off bankruptcy, please please please take proper insolvency advice. The sooner you recognise you are in trouble and do something about it the more options you will have for surviving. If you are down to your last cow it might be a touch too late….

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