Tip 5: Dick Whittington

Dick WhittingtonThe most obvious lesson to draw from this pantomime is the value of perseverance. Just because things don’t go right at first, if you have the right skills, identifiable goals, a good plan and the drive to succeed you have a good chance of achieving what you set out to do. That probably won’t be Mayor of London as Boris seems settled in that role at present but there are other options.

The less obvious lesson to draw is do not assume that everybody knows what you know. Never underestimate the impact of the obvious.  When Dick arrives in a country that is overrun with mice and rats he applies a simple solution – his cat. To you and me it is obvious. To the inhabitants of this far off land who had never seen a cat before it was a stroke of genius.

Many businesses, professional advisors among them, often feel they have to keep finding new ways to do things. Innovation is clearly important. However it is often the simple things done well that are the most effective. The “bleedin’ obvious” isn’t always obvious or indeed available to everybody. Don’t assume it is.

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