Tip 3: King Arthur

King ArthurThis legend of King Arthur and his knights of the round table has strong messages surrounding leadership. Arthur led from the front where necessary, and was a very skilled general and knight, but was also happy to allow his knights to take the initiative when necessary.

There is also a lesson in watching your stars, as any football coach will no doubt tell you. Having top performers can be a double edged sword. Lancelot clearly was a talented and brave knight. However some versions of the legend imply that his interest in Guinevere was less than professionally motivated and Arthur, when he discovered this, had to act decisively and without sentiment.

Pantomime would never hint at such a thing of course but as we know real life isn’t like Pantomime. A good leader will build a good team, will know what is going on around him or her, and will act firmly where necessary.

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