Tip 11: Cinderella

CinderellaA quintessential example of how re-branding yourself may get you through the door but that you will need to be able to back that up with substance once you are there.

Coming from a humble background, Cinderella was not obvious princess material even though she was exactly what the market i.e. Prince Charming was looking for. Fortunately her marketing guru (better known as her Fairy Godmother) was on hand to weave a little magic and repackage her as a fairly tale princess.

And yet in spite of her (extreme) makeover Cinderella remained true to herself once the clock hit midnight and her finery all disappeared. She returned uncomplainingly to her former status and continued to look after her family, including her beastly ugly stepsisters. Therefore when the Prince arrived with the slipper that fitted her foot, he (OK I know that the part is normally played by a woman but bear with me on this) knew instantly that she was exactly what he was looking for.

Re branding might get you through the door but it is what you are and what you stand for that counts. Lose sight of your values and however you dress yourself up your customers will find you out.

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