Tip 10: Aladdin

AladdinA salutary tale of how not to act when you think you have the world at your feet. Aladdin was clearly no shrinking violet when it came to flaunting his new found wealth, and once it became clear it was all an illusion he nearly ended up with his head being parted from the rest of his body.

Fortunately Aladdin was lucky. His princess loved him for what he was not what he pretended to be, and as a result he was able to recover the situation. Businessmen tend to be not so lucky and sadly there is no shortage of people waiting to take advantage of any mistake you might make.

Hubris, a term more associated with classical literature than pantomime, is a common business failing, often preceding a major business failure. Business history is littered with examples of managing directors and CEOs being blinded by their apparent success and believing themselves to be invincible.

Rapid expansion without firm foundations? One deal too many? Failing to manage your finances properly? Chasing sales rather than profits? The dangers of overreaching yourself are clear, and without the love of a fairly tale princess (or equivalent) to rescue you, can lead to you losing everything – possibly even your head (metaphorically speaking of course….).

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