Oh no! I am remaindered

According to Wikipedia “remaindered books are those that are no longer selling well and those remaining unsold copies are liquidated by the publisher at greatly reduced prices.”

My second title in the Dave trilogy ‘Calm Down Dave’ came out this week and immediately seemed out of date. In both ‘Goodbye Dave’ and this second title (published by EntBrit Limited) I presented my great concerns over David Cameron, his craze for power and his continuing ability to support fads (eg. Happiness Indexes) and back the wrong people.

Dave, with his close pals Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, and backed by the Murdochs, seem to have achieved my objectives all by himself.

This is what Iain Martin wrote in the ‘Daily Mail’ last Saturday.

“..the appalling mess that the Prime Minister finds himself in today – a mess largely of his own making – can be traced back to that catastrophic misjudgement to ape Blair and the morally bankrupt way New Labour practiced politics.”

Whilst ‘Calm Down Dave’ concentrated more on the dishonesty of the Coalition Agreement and Cameron’s liberal lurches, together with his strange set of advisers in Downing Street, we all seem to be arriving at the same conclusion.

Over the next few months, perhaps years, the enquiries and possible further fall-outs are going to dominate politics. Dave, Hilton and the rest will rush out policy statements and Dave-style speeches but this will be to Cameron what Iraq was to Blair.

This week has seen the publication of further poor economic news. The NHS reforms seem forgotten (how many of Cameron’s five pledges can you remember?). The humanitarian reasons for becoming involved in Libya seem a distant memory.

Dave will, in the short term, get away with it. The schools break up in two week’s time, Parliament rises and Government stops.

When we all return in September it will time for the Party Conference season.

And then the winter….

Perhaps it is the Coalition Agreement that should be remaindered.

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