Mr. Angry is visiting the stars

As part of his personality management therapy Mr. Angry was, this week, encouraged to watch a video of an interview with a Member of Parliament.

It featured the Business and Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk. He is MP for Hertford and Stortford. He is married to a senior regulator at the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) and sings in the Parliament choir.

In fact all his interview needed was a background of choralists from Westminster Abbey singing ‘Jerusalem’ and the Union Jack being waved. As Dave is being rejected by Wales (watch the election result in May), Scotland and Northern Ireland perhaps it should be the flag of St. George.

Mr. Prisk is aiming to transform Enterprise Britain by recreating the British business spirit which he calls ‘The Entrepreneural Decade’. This he will do by encouraging modern universities to prepare their students for a business life and building an internet-based index of 40,000 business mentors. The Big Society meets ‘Dragon’s Den’.

Mr. Prisk knows what he is talking about. He has discovered that “what kills a business is when it runs out of cash.” It is interesting that he should reach this observation in the week that Barclays Bank are said to be pondering a move to America. They won’t, of course. It’s a warning to George to stop taxing them any more (as per the Liberal Democrat plans).

The mentors will be unpaid and must agree to abide by a voluntary code of practice.

Mr. Prisk said much, much more. This is because he has no budget and words are cheap.

The concept is potty. The now defunct Business Link movement was well financed and failed, expensively. The idea that retired and wealthy businessmen (all 40,000 of them) are going to transform a community that is utterly demoralised, facing ever increasing costs, cannot raise risk capital, is unable to generate bank finance and is finding greater difficulty in obtaining leasing and hire purchase finance, can only come from a Dave disciple.

Mr. Angry is in the middle of a meditation session and is visiting his astral plane. He will almost certainly call in at Saturn which governs one’s contemplative governance. It is possible to reach journey’s end by the repetition of a personal mantra (which was given to him by his Tibetan guru). Some reach their astral plane through lucid dreaming.

Gracious! Mr. Angry has just been overtaken by Mark Prisk MP, Minister for Business and Enterprise.

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